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Life and Church

A regular church attendee will spend an average of two months out of the year at church or one year in six of his/her life.  Particularly at CCUMC, our lives have been intertwined with the life of the church.  Families of the church have attended CCUMC for 3-4 generations.  Some members have been with the church for their whole lives.  Babies have been baptized, youth have celebrated promotions and graduations, young adults have been married, couples have had babies, and some have died as members of the church.  Members have been invited to church through friends and mentors.  They have studied the Bible in Sunday School and learned English at ESL.  They shared meals and built bonds with each other in fellowship groups, where they care for and support one another and experience God's grace together.  This site is a collage of memories by our members.

Elton-Christina Baby
Celebrating the New Arrival-2007

Hong Jun B-day 2007 Hong Jun's Birthday - 2007
Celebrating Life

Most of us celebrate our birthdays with family and friends or maybe not at all.  But what does it say about when people want to celebrate with their church community?  We often talk about the church's quality as a "family church" as its strength.  Yet the desire of our members to share their celebrations of life with us demonstrates the depth of closeness that we share with one another.
Mrs Chan B-day-1960
90th Birthday for Mrs. Chan Lok Shang - 1960

Wally_Margie Rose
A Life Together

Since Adam and Eve, the church has celebrated the blessing of "Two becoming One."  In this sacred place, marriage is not just an institution, but a holy union between the couple, God and a community of faith.  Through good times and bad, we dedicate ourselves to making a life together and supporting each other in commitment for a lifetime.

Kuan Anniversary
Rev. Dr. Jeffrey and Valerie Kuan - 35th Anniversary


Christ offers us a sense of identity, purpose, love, and community.  In Christ we are a family.  We share our lives together as a community of faith - supporting each other, praying for each other, work and play together, and keeping each other accountable.
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Church Dinner - 1951

Church Potluck-1980s
Church Potluck with Bishop Melvin Talbert
and wife Ethel Lou - 1980s
Seniors at Picnic - 1980s
Our Seniors at Church Picnic - 1980s
Picnic - 2001
Becky Wong and Anne Lau Choy at Church Picnic - 2001

We Care

A core value and tradition at our church is to provide care and support outside our church walls.  Whether homebound by illness, in need of a welcoming presence, or a warm meal together, our church members are called to the second of Christs greatest commandments to Love Thy Neighbor.

Alice Lang Visitations
[Watch Video]
Visitations Story by Bertha Tong

Visiting Henry Lee
Visit with Henry Lee

Visiting Benny Huey
Christmas with Benny Huey

Returning Home

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven." [Ecclesiastes 3:1].

It is human and Christlike to mourn our loved ones at their passing.   We share sorrows and help each other come to closure at the change of seasons for our members.

As Christians, we also celebrate life and look forward to that time we can be together again at home with Christ.

Rev Chan Funeral - 1941
Funeral for Rev. Chan Lok Shang - 1941

Uncle David Tribute - 2000
Tribute to
Lum David Lee - 2000

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