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The Congregation

We have been blessed by the dedication of our congregation members.  As members, the congregation commit their presence, prayers, offerings, service, and witness.  Attending week to week, members may preach and lead worship service, serve on boards and committees, teach Sunday School, serve the community, and offer prayers and support to others.  We are eternally grateful.

Fong Family
Inscription on Back:

Mrs. Fong and her three great grand children.  Mrs. Fong is one of our most faithful members.  When she was a small gril, she peeped in the doors of our mission in San Francisco.  The next day she went back and sat in the back seat.  then she kept going until the teacher saw her and invited her to come to the class.  She later married a minister. (c. 1933)
Lee Family
Inscription on Back:

Mrs. Lee and two children.  This picture was taken at a "Mother's party."  members of this family had been with our church school for over 13 years. (c. 1932)

Lew and Lim Families
Inscription on Back:

The Lew and Lim families.  Two boys and two girls in each family.  Mr. Lew is a vegetable man.  They live on 60th St.  The church school is on 8th St.  Mr. lew brings his four children and stops at 22nd St. and gets the Lim family (they have no father) and leaves all eight at the church school every Sunday morning.  They are exceptionally bright children.  Little Ella - 7 years old sings beautifully. (c. 1933)

Clara and Charles
Clara Elizabeth and
Charles Goodall Lee

Mary and Freeman Chan-web Mary and Freeman Chan
Members from 1913 (F) and 1940s (M) to 2007

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Bertha Tong-web
Bertha Tong
Member from
early 1920s to 2009

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Lum David Lee-web
Lum David Lee
Member from
1935 to 2000

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[Photo courtesy of Ms. Brenda Roh]
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