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Passion for Christ, Compassion for All

The United Methodist faith is deeply rooted in the Scripture and in the basic beliefs of all Christians. Out of that theology and the faith have grown some specific actions that mark United Methodists as Christians engaged in ministry to the world.  Our passion for Christ calls us as a community to live out our faith for the transformation of the world.

Working Together

Christianity is a religion based on communal faith. It is together in community that we grow in our faith and understanding of our relationship to God and one another.  Over the years, the congregation members have worked side-by-side together to build God's Kingdom and spread God's Word.

Chinese Opera
Chinese Opera and Variety Show  - 1960

As an innovative way to raise funds for the Educational Annex, the church hosted a Chinese Opera and Variety Show [See Poster, Program and Tickets]
Church bazaars were held annually to support various church projects and general operations.  Each year members would put together arts and crafts, White Elephant sales, food, games, and raffles.  It was just as much for fellowship as it was a fundraiser.

Lunch Bazaar
Church Bazaar - 1960s

Community Service and Mission

From its very beginnings, CCUMC was founded with the call to meet the needs of the community outside the walls of the church as a way to share the love of God and introduce people to Jesus Christ.  Over the years, CCUMc has ministered to the local and global community from Oakland's Chinatown to places as far as Uganda and Palestine.  In touching the lives of others, we too grow in our faith and understanding of God's love and compassion.

Angel Island-1940s
Rev. Edwar Lee volunteered as an Interpreter
at Angel Island Immigration Station - 1940s

MYF Painting May Oye House
MYF Painting Member May Oye's Home - 1960s

Chinese Dictionaries
New Testament in Chinese
and Chinese-English Dictionary
used for English Class

ESL-Ken Lang
Ken Lang teaching ESL Class - 1990s

Summer Day Camp

In the 1980s and 1990s, the church sponsored a summer day camp for the children of Chinatown.

Lenny Cover
Day Camp - 1981
Summer Day Camp - 1981

Day Camp - 1981
Derek and Darlene's Day Camp Class - 1981
Listen to Derek Lang's Story

Global Missions

Heifer Project-2002
Youth at International Heifer Project
Education Center/Farm- Ceres, CA
Learning about Sustainability - 2002

David and Anne Ofumbi-2007
Sponsoring David Ofumbi from Uganda
to attend Pacific School of Religion
and for his family to be with him - 2007
Listen to David and Anne Ofumbi's Story

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