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1875-1879: Getting Started

Taken literally, the Oakland church started as a Sunday School held in the First Methodist Episcopal Church which was at that time was located at the corner of Fourteenth and Clay Street [RMECM-1881].

The church at 14th and Clay Streets was almost brand new at the time.  In 1874, the First Methodist Epicsocpal Church was originally located at the corner of 9th and Washington, but decided to build a new church building and sold theirs to the growing German Methodist Episcopal Church.

We notice just below what appears to be the main sanctuary is a portion of the building labeled "Class RM."  This could be where the Sunday School and  Evening classes were held.

First ME Church - 1877
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First Methodist Episcopal Church - 1877

14th and Clay Closeup
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First Methodist Episcopal Church at 14th and Clay Streets by 1901
Sanborn Insurance Map, 1889-1901
Courtesy of Oakland Public Library

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